nailed to the eggz

by The Gash



first songs of THE GASHs fucking underground trash metal
Demo CD with songs from 2007 to 2010
recorded at the rehearsal room "metal garage lübben"

The Gash Hardcore II recorded in berlin at the
rehearsal room (groß-berliner-damm)


released January 31, 2013

Ted (vocals)
Flow (guitar)
Hännä (drums)

Norman Tesla & André (crewshouts: the gash hardcore II)



all rights reserved


The Gash Berlin, Germany

the Gash is trash metal from berlin

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Track Name: Lightning over L-town
See all the lights shining on L-Town tonight
The city that we´re living in- and we all hate with pride

tonight wins the spirit of the pure guitar sound
pure sound of the unholy boys of the Gash

Trash-Metal-Fire- Attack

see all the knights riding through L-town to fight
riding on the steelfist of metal
no one can hide
tonight streets are burning
so we storm to attack
attack with the christfisting metal in your ass

Trash-Metal-Fire- in your Ass
Track Name: Satanic Metal Hell Fuck
Melting iron burning the flesh
Burning your lips until it fits
Smashing it in dont bring you death
Ferverent it´s trickling to your tits

Satanic metal hell fuck
The steelcock still glows
And you have to suck!

Satanic Metal Hell fuck
A merciless nightmare
You´ll never wake up

I like to nibble on your scorched boobs
Not death but pain is what you choose
Germany** lock up your virgins
Kanzlerin it´s time for abuse!

Satanic Metal Hell Fuck
Kanzlerin Merkel
It´s your turn to suck

Satanic Metal Hell Fuck
German sovereign
Feel the steelcock in your ass

The steelcock, baby

I rip off your Keuschheitsgürtel
„brother US“ will be the next
hey there! Mr. President
the eagle will be nailed to your eggs!

Satanic Metal Hell Fuck
The end of the treatment
Is total posess
Satanic Metal Hell Fuck
The fistship is coming
And it´s bashing your ass!
Track Name: back to the deep lands
Step right up and march with me
Down to the deeplands back to the black valley
Still they´re storming our front
Cause the battle doesn´t end...

Our victims know there perpitrator
They presist to be sacrified
There is no sacred tresure
Strike down the fear- (they will) strike down the fear
To die

So we flood the heavens until cadaver rain to earth
Flush down the angling souls and conquer back to realm
The clouds become black and the eternal sparks
Never reach your eyes again
It is our victory –Back to the deep lands!